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Lil Mummies
are coming

Be ready for December 20th

About Lil Mummies

Lil Mummies is a digital art collection of 10,000 NFTs. Each of them is unique.

The Lil Mummies are going out from their tomb this December just for a night. In this first launch, you need to be there in time, before they go back in the undergrounds of the pyramid. All minted mummies will be out for good.

We are already working on the next drop. Will the Mummies will be enjoying life outside the pyramids? Will other mummies come to rescue them? Your guess. More will be revealed soon.


From now to mid December

Let’s build the Lil Mummies Community together. 

  • Discord OG Whitelist for the first 500 Mummies who join

  • Join the Discord, Twitter and Instagram to see how you can earn your whitelist spot

December 20th
First Drop

The Lil Mummies are going out from their tomb. Don’t let them go before they go back underground pyramids

  • Every 20% of sales, 2 ETH will be added to the Community Fund Giveaways only for whitelisted holders.

  • When First Drop is sold out,  50k will be added to the Community Fund Giveaway for Lil Mummies holders.

  • Every 20% sales, 2 ETH will also be giving to Orphan Charity in addition of 5% royalties.

February 2022
Second Drop

After the first sold out of the first 10.000 Mummies, other Mummies from far deeper underground will come out. A new character will be introduce at this drop

April 2022

Time for an other giveaway, Lil Mummies holders will be reward with a free, really special NFT of a new rare and mysterious collection we planned.
After the 2 first drop complete, LM holders who kept them from First Drop and Second Drop will get higher chance to get a rare NFT of this special collection.

After all that

We already explored a few ideas for the future of Lil Mummies, token, collaborations, Metaverse, LM ecosystem. With the community, we will decided what is best for Lil Mummies


When is minting ?

Minting will be on December 20th at 9pm UTC.

How much will cost one Lil Mummies ?

Each Lil Mummies will be minted at 0,02 ETH + gas.

How many different  traits in the collection ?

Our unique collection have around 150 different traits.

Is there a Whitelist ?

Of course there, we are Mummies not barbarian.
Join the discord to know more about it.

When will the rarity traits be released ?

Just after minting.

How can I mint a Lil Mummies ?

On December 20th at 9pm UTC, we will release an address on the website at the countdown place,

and also on Discord. 

 You'll be redirected at the buying app.​

What if I have other questions ?

Join the Discord, we are really active on it, and people from the community will be happy to help you.

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